Our QUATTRO Fairing for the HD SOFTAIL-HERITAGE raises the standard on Quality Construction, Strenght, Torsion Resistance and even Sound Performance. 
You will not believe how we can sell you a kit with such an Affordable Price that as even more Performance & Features of Fairing Twice the Price outhere.

Our QUATTRO Fiberglass Fairing is meticulously Hand Laminated with our Special Resin and Reinforce in all the important Areas to Increase Rigidity and Torsion Resistance. Our Fairing are Simply the Best and the Strongest in the Market.    

Our One Piece construction QUATTRO Fairing is very Unique. The inner and outer shell are bounded together and there is no joint between these parts. This exclusive construction makes for an incredible sound box. In fact no sound is lost even at speed well over the legal limit. You can hear the Great Sound coming out of our system at any Speed with any Pipes.

Specially prepare before shipping our Fairing are Pre-Sanded and Primed with our Special Polyester Primer. Which make our products Truly Ready for your Painter. Not on gelcoat like some  manufacturers do, as this required a lot more work to prep, for painting.


It is the easier-to-install fairing we got: You bolt it on the metal bracket your already have !



Price:   $ 1,495. USD  +  Free Shipping   (Continental US)


-       Infinity PRV-250 (100% Waterproof) Marine Radio AM/FM & Bluetooth.

-       4 x 5.25’’ Coaxial Marine Speakers

-       Auxiliary & USB Port included

-       Built-in Antenna Booster

-       Front Chrome windshield trim

-       Choice of 5’’  Dark  or  7’’ Light Smoke Windshield

OPTIONS:  Remote Handlebar Control Switch (100% waterproof)     Price: $ 169.95 USD

****NOTE**** Our Fairing fit on OEM nacelle and riser. The inner fairing is pre-moulded and you dont need bracket. Just 4 holes drill in the nacelle will make it easy to install the Fairing in place.  

Warranty: All Infiniti Electronic Components are 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase. And you must complete the Infiniti Warranty form included in your kit. And mail it directly to Infiniti to render the Warranty valid.